CBD in Food Might Be An Option In Washington Soon

Posted on by Tracy Smith

CBD in Food Might Be An Option In Washington Soon

Last week, H.B. 2296 was introduced by Rep Drew MacEwen in Washington which would allow CBDin food products.
Washington State Department of Agriculture has warned processors not to mix CBD into products designed for consumption. The FDA says CBD isn't proved safe to consume, but the FDA has declined commenting on pending legislation. 

According to the bill, "The department shall not restrict or prohibi tthe processing of hemp, including cannabinoids, extracts, or derivatives from hemp, for use in food products based solely on the inclusion of hemp or products derived from hemp"

What does this mean?
Bonny Jo Peterson, the Director of the Industrial Hemp Association of Washington, told the East Oregonian the bill is "useless" due to the fact that the FDA's regulation overrules the state legislation regardless. 

If this were to pass, we could be looking at a tangled web of jurisdiction. A state full of retailers and processors given a green light to sell federally illegal products puts those business owners on the front lines of a dramatic regulatory movement. The FDA issued warnings to manufacturers they identified as having violations in the fall of 2019, and it's not far fetched to think they would follow through on whatever enforcement they deemed appropriate. 

Still, this could be the kind of opposition that could push the regulatory environment in the right direction, challenging the status quo. 


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